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The focus for Quality Management is on the process: those activities your organization undertakes to turn inputs into outputs, and thus generate revenues. By understanding and managing your processes for the best efficiency and quality, you can increase your revenues without a matching increase in costs. Understanding and meeting your requirements for quality is achieved by first understanding your specific operational challenges. No two organizations are alike, All have unique challenges.

Ockham Consulting has implemented and improved the quality management systems of organizations ranging from high volume manufacturers to one-off ship construction. We have provided consulting services that start with a simple revision of a quality policy and scale up to a full Intranet-based ISO 9000-certified quality system: the scope of our services is directly linked to your organization's needs.

We don't use pre-packaged, generic solutions that force new paperwork onto your operations or merely match pages of meaningless policy to ISO clauses. That approach is costly and doesn't improve your organization's productivity, profitability or performance. Instead, we guide you through assessing the processes that drive your organization's bottom line, and managing through those processes to ensure quality in every aspect of operations.

Back in the 14th Century, William of Ockham promoted the concept that "that which can be done with fewer is vain to be done with more". It is this principle that guides Ockham System Consulting in its delivery of products and services. We continually ask the question; "Is there a better way to do this?" As our world has become exceedingly more complex this philosophy is even more urgent today. We believe you should be able to spend your time doing what is important to the bottom line, not managing systems or shuffling paper.

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