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Customer Feedback

What they are saying about Ockham's services:
"High value ISO design and support, especially for the demanding automotive sector"- Automotive Supplier
"Very cost effective - is efficient and takes success of output into account in final billing" - Forest Products
"...provided our organization with great service and significant depth of knowledge" - Community Services Organization
"A top level provider of quality assurance systems" - Forest Products
"The Quality Assurance/ISO systems he designs are innovative, user friendly, easy to maintain and both improved our quality performance and readily satisfied the compliance requirements of our customers and registrar" - Manufacturer
"The support and direction [Ockham] gave to our organization resulted in quantifiable improvements in the way we now do business" -Ship building and repair
"...provide[s] innovative solutions to quality challenges faced by operating and administrative organizations" - Manufacturer

What they are saying about Ockham's courses
"Excellent pace that allowed plenty of discussion"
"I would encourage others to take the course"
"The course was well laid out and presented"
"The exercises were excellent"
"Thanks Mark!"